Construction Management is a method of project delivery where the construction manager becomes the agent of the owner. The construction manager contracts directly with the owner to provide management of the complete process, from inception to completion, for the purpose of controlling time, cost and quality.

The construction manager is typically a fee based service where the construction manager is responsible entirely to the owner, and acts on the owner's behalf to protect their interest through every stage of the project.

The benefits to the construction manager style of delivery are as follows:

  • Provides advice to the owner, without any conflict of interest.
  • Advises the owner to maximize their use of available funds.
  • Controls the project budget and scheduling.
  • Organizes and controls the projects scope of work.
  • Provides the maximum flexibility in contracting and expediting the project.
  • Selects, with the owner, the design firm best suited for the project.
  • Solicits bids from contractors for the construction of the project, and advises the owner on selection of the contractors.
  • Responsible to the owner for the quality of the project.


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